Dynamick range, but whit fixed leaes ...

Geir Asle Borgen gab at hrp.no
Mon Jun 12 09:16:34 UTC 2006

I have a somewhat strange problem. In my dhcp config I have some C-nets
that I have splittede up in 4 ranges:
* Network boxes (routers, switches ...)
* Network servises (server, printers ...)
* Workstations
* Others

The 3 first ranges uses only fixed-addresses, but the last one is a smal
range of 16 addresses from 238-254, whit the "boot-unknown-clients off"
NOT set. And everything works the way I want it to ...

BUT for some reason (lisens fixed to IP ...) There are some host that
today need to have an IP in the range So I try to put
in a:

host test {
        hardware ethernet 00:FF:00:FF:00:AA;
        ddns-hostname = "test";

And hoped that this should be enough, so that all IP's from should be leased out in the dynamic range, BUT NOT That did NOT happen.

Is there any way I can make this happen?

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