dhcp, dyndns and "set ddns-fwd-name" vs "set ddns-client-fqdn"

Philippe Strauss philippe.strauss at goelaan.ch
Wed Jun 14 15:23:34 UTC 2006

David W. Hankins wrote:

>On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 10:26:53AM +0200, Philippe Strauss wrote:
>>set ddns-fwd-name "host.domain.com";
>>set ddns-client-fqdn "host.domain.com";
>ddns-client-fqdn indicates the client performed updates on the forward
>records (or told the server it would, and as it turned out was not able
>to because it doesn't have the keys necessary).
>As it turns out, most windows boxes think they are allowed to update
>their A record by default (using something called GSS-TSIG).  See also
>the as112.net project.
>You can guide wether the server will allow client-updates with the
>'allow/deny client-updates;' configuration variable.

And if I don't want my clients to update the DNS themselves,
is there a way for the DHCP server to understand the
ddns-client-fqdn as a ddns-fwd-name "option"?
(not sure it's really an option in the case of ddns-fwd-name).


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