Why does Leases File win over static entry?

Thomas Zenz Thomas.Zenz at oenb.at
Wed Jun 21 11:52:07 UTC 2006


I am useing ISC DHCP for more than 4 years.
Now we upgraded to 3.0.4r1.

Our Printers use static Adresses. Usually the Printer gets connected to
the LAN and recieves a dynamic Adress. 
Then everything is configured via WebInterface and we enter the New
Static Adress in the Config File.

In the old version, the Printer changed it's Adress after Reboot. 

In Version 3.0.4r1 the Leases File wins and the Printer gets the
dynamic adress :(

Is there a new Config Option?

host AGP124_1
        hardware ethernet 00:0f:20:7d:96:5b;
        option host-name "AGP124";
        ddns-hostname "AGP124";
        ddns-domainname "ad.oenb.co.at";
        update-static-leases true;


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