Interested in DHCPv6?

Keith.Neufeld at Keith.Neufeld at
Fri Jun 30 18:48:57 UTC 2006

David Hankins wrote:
> The thread's author wants to know what tools exist for DHCPv6, so I
> hope we won't face a dhcp-users uprising if I allow you to say what
> you wish about what tools Cisco can supply specifically for DHCPv6.
> At least from my point of view, it's important to consider where an
> open source DHCPv6 implementation would sit in the current landscape.

To throw in my $.02, I still hold out hope that there will be an ISC 
DHCPv6 server.  I've found the software quality, the project management, 
and the support community for ISC's DHCP(v4) server to be absolutely 
topnotch in the open source world, and I dread having to switch DHCP to 
something that might work and be supported no better than various other 
pieces of software I've used.

Keith Neufeld
Lead Network Engineer
Wichita State University

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