dhclient information with multiple mac address

Dan Newcombe DanNewcombe at mail.clayton.edu
Sat Mar 11 18:42:15 UTC 2006

> I'm still trying to understand the setup.
> Are hosts B, C, ... located behind A (so A is acting as a L3/L2 device
> that needs to be used for other machines to talk to B and C or is
> traffic to B and C possible without A being involved (once B and C have
> their addresses)?

I'm thinking they are all on the same network (otherwise getting an IP 
from A's network would be someone pointless) however the devices are too 
dumb to use DHCP themselves.   Think some network connected device that 
monitors temperature or something like that.   However, they probably 
have a serial interface of some sort, or a web/telnet interface where 
you can set the IP address manually.  It sounds like this is what he 
wants to do, however instead of setting it permanently, have it able to 
be set on the fly based on the network.

Perfect use would be demoing a product with such a device at a customer 
site.  Instead of having to put it on a private demo network, or take 
time to gather info from the client, you just show up, hook it all up 
and it all magically works - plus A automatically knows B and C's address.

(yeah...been sitting through too many sales presentations lately)

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