How to not allocate any address to a specific host?

David Landgren david at
Mon Mar 13 13:35:42 UTC 2006

Glenn Satchell wrote:
> The simple way is to use:
> host obsolete1 {
> 	hardware 00:0a:e4:36:7b:4b;
> 	deny booting;
> }


> this is from the dhcpd.conf man page:
>      The booting keyword
>       allow booting;
>       deny booting;
>       ignore booting;
>      The booting flag is used to tell dhcpd  whether  or  not  to
>      respond  to  queries from a particular client.  This keyword
>      only has meaning when it appears in a host declaration.   By
>      default,  booting  is  allowed,  but if it is disabled for a
>      particular client, then that client will not be able to  get
>      an address from the DHCP server.

Thank-you Glenn. With hindsight it is of course quite clear, but I 
completely misparsed that paragraph. I interpreted that as booting => 
bootp => diskless workstation booting, and dismissed it.

I am now happily ignoring my obsolete hosts.

"It's overkill of course, but you can never have too much overkill."

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