How to not allocate any address to a specific host?

David Landgren david at
Tue Mar 14 11:07:52 UTC 2006

David W. Hankins wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 02:35:42PM +0100, David Landgren wrote:
>> Glenn Satchell wrote:
>>> The simple way is to use:
>>> host obsolete1 {
>>> 	hardware 00:0a:e4:36:7b:4b;
>>> 	deny booting;
>>> }
>> Excellent!
> Note that if you use this method, there's a bug in versions 3.0.2 and
> prior that may apply 'deny booting;' to every client that attempts to
> boot after the one you denied, until you restart the server.
> This was fixed in 3.0.3b2.

hmm. I'm using 3.0.3. I assume b means beta, in which case I'm safe?

> So it's best to upgrade.
> So long as you're upgrading, I'd like you to try 3.0.4b3 and tell
> us how it goes.

I'll put this on the queue, but no promises that I'll have time to get 
around to it this week.

"It's overkill of course, but you can never have too much overkill."

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