"peer holds all free leases" message

Nick Garfield Nicholas.Garfield at cern.ch
Tue Mar 14 11:08:12 UTC 2006


Simon is absolutely correct.  Timinig is essential in this application.
Additionally, and unfortunately, as the max/min/default lease times are
reduced the problem you are seeing progressively gets worse.   If you
have a very dynamic network (say lease time 30 minutes) you should
verify that the DHCP failover-protocol is stable enough to give your
network the added redundancy you are looking for.
I saw you are using MCLT ~1 hour.  What is your default lease time?  
Have you monitored the load on the two servers in normal
operation/degraded operation?

Nick Garfield

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> Kirsten Petersen wrote:
> >Another piece of information wrt this problem: in the course of
> >troubleshooting this, my colleague noticed that the time was way off
> >between the two servers - by an hour, actually.
> >
> >Could this time mismatch issue be responsible for the 
> servers getting out
> >of sync with each other?
> It's come up many times on this list before, and IIRC, things don't 
> work right unless the servers are within a couple of seconds. NTP is 
> generally recommended - personally I'd recommend ntp anyway even if 
> it wasn't required by the dhcp servers.
> Simon

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