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Wed Mar 15 08:12:29 UTC 2006

Thanks but this still does not give me answer on how to make a class match where two (or more) conditions is true.
My RID/CID is also unique but part of it is sequential and that is what I want to make a (sub)class selection on.
RID/CID = 2102011 or 2102021 or 2102031 ... 2102161 all have to end up in class one.
RID/CID = 2102171 or 2102181 or 2102191 ... 2102321 all have to end up in class two.
RID/CID = 2102331 or 2102341 or 2102351 ... 2102481 all have to end up in class tree.
I have no problem making an exact match based on the RID/CID.


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I found a thread about Matching option agent.remote-id.
Take a look at it might help you too.


On 03/14/2006 08:12:22 AM, Lars Jacobsen wrote:
> I'm still hawing problems figuring out how to enable two conditions to
> be true before assigning a client to a class.
> The man pages does not describe this clear enough for me to
> understand.
> Also the subclass and spawn function is a bit unclear, so if somebody
> have a link to a god description or some samples would be much
> appreciated.
> The problem in a nutshell is assigning clients to a class based on
> their
> opt.-82 CID.
> The conditions is first to evaluate on 3. and 4. character wich has to
> match a singe number and then make a second evaluation on the 5. and
> 6.
> character wich can be within a range.
> Lars Jacobsen

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