Unsubscribing (was: Linux bind / dhcp iowait status)

Remi Desmarais desre at touchtunes.com
Wed Mar 15 19:53:33 UTC 2006

It's probably your mail reader that's hiding that for you. I know Outlook 
Expre$$ does that.

Here's what you're missing :

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Subject: RE: Unsubscribing (was: Linux bind / dhcp iowait status)

> What's interesting is that I'm not getting that link in MOST of the e-
> mails. I also don't get the typical mailing list subject line anymore-
> something has changed.
> JD
> On Wed, 2006-03-15 at 18:53 +0000, Simon Hobson wrote:
>> Scott Dolan wrote:
>> >Can you remove me off of this list
>> >
>> >sdolan at jernie.com
>> If you bother to look at the top of each and every mail you get from
>> this list you sill see that there is a link to directly unsubscribe
>> yourself - as there is for most mailing lists.
>> The line says :
>> List-unsubscribe: <mailto:dhcp-users-request at isc.org?Subject=unsubscribe>
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