Unsubscribing (was: Linux bind / dhcp iowait status)

Simon Hobson dhcp at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Mar 16 00:37:11 UTC 2006

Jeff Sumner wrote:

>What's interesting is that I'm not getting that link in MOST of the e-
>mails. I also don't get the typical mailing list subject line anymore-
>something has changed.

They are all still there, I see them without fail on every message 
from the list.

CGondelach at unet.nl wrote:

>Jeff is right, i've got the same problem, since a couple of days, my
>mailrule doesn't catch the mails anymore, i presume because of the missing
>first line.

Have you changed the rule to allow for the fact that the mailing list 
has changed ?

Since it appears some mail clients hide important stuff from users, 
perhaps it would be better to put the 'list stuff' in the message 
body like other lists do (typically as a footer) ?

<retorical>Is there no end to what MS can break ?</retorical>

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