Dan Mihai POP popdanmihai at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 18:08:48 UTC 2006

Hello guys,

We have some SUN servers on which we need to set a DNS and a DHCP server. As
we have Solaris 10 installed in these servers we tried to work with DNS BIND
and for DHCP we user the Solaris embedded dhcpmgr software. The BIND works
fine. But regarding the dhcpmgr, it doesn't work as we want. Because we want
to give to clients IPs from their vendor-class and dhcp-class-identifier
options. And for that, dhcpmgr has some bugs. There is a known bug report
from the SUNs side.

So, in conclusion I want to use ISC DHCP server. And, as I am new in this
domain I need some documentation. And on the ISC site I found only generic
info, and not a detailed documentation, which can help me step by step to
install and to configure the ISC DHCP on our SUN server.


For two days I have searched all over the Internet (and I am sure that there
are some hidden corners on the Internet where I haven't been :o) and with no

For this, please, if someone has some links, or even printable docs,
announce me.


Thank you,





Pop Dan,


WiMAX SED Team Leader





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