Glenn Satchell Glenn.Satchell at uniq.com.au
Sat Mar 18 16:07:58 UTC 2006

>Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 22:01:39 -0800
>To: dhcp-users at isc.org
>Cc: Ross Boylan <RossBoylan at stanfordalumni.org>
>Subject: Re: DHCP ISC docs
>From: Ross Boylan <RossBoylan at stanfordalumni.org>
>On Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 08:08:48PM +0200, Dan Mihai POP wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>> So, in conclusion I want to use ISC DHCP server. And, as I am new in this
>> domain I need some documentation. And on the ISC site I found only generic
>> info, and not a detailed documentation, which can help me step by step to
>> install and to configure the ISC DHCP on our SUN server.
>I wish the docs were available on the web site without having to
>install the software.  Having them browseable and searchable on the
>web would be nice too.  I wonder if ISC's interest in selling support
>is tilting the decsions about this.
>Once it's installed you have a pretty complete set, as others have
Well, you can just unroll the source tar file and get at the docs that
way. However they are pretty substantial files, and I agree that having
html versions of the man pages, and the other files in the doc
directory, on the website would be a Good Thing. I don't think it has
anything to do with selling support.

Heck, I'd even volunteer to mark it up.


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