Conflicts and network boot

Bruno Gola brunogola at
Mon Mar 20 14:12:46 UTC 2006

Hi Glenn,
I've already look this "authoritative" issue, but the problem is not here. I
wanna my dhcpd to be able to boot the machine before the other dhcp server ( send its information. I happend just one time (the first time
i've tried to use dhcp instead bootp). But after this, it is not working

The problem wih the authoritative statement is that if i set this, i will
need to set a range statement too, because without the range, my dhcp server
will not be able to recognize the lease given by the other dhcp server, and
with the range statement, my dhcp server will "want" to send some
information to other machines, and that will cause a lot of trouble here,
two dhcp server sending information :S

I dont know if there is  way to set the range statement, but making the dhcp
server ignoring the requests, only accepting requests from the machines
defined in the "group" section.

Thanks for your answer =)

On 3/18/06, Glenn Satchell <Glenn.Satchell at> wrote:
> Hi Bruno,
> There's a clue in the output from dhcpd: it ignores the request for an
> address it doesn't know about because the server is not
> "authoritative". This is the default behaviour. To change this add a
> statement at the top of the file before the group or perhaps in the
> subnet definition:
>   authoritative;
> This is from the man page dhcpd.conf:
>      If the server knows nothing about  the  address,
>      it  will  remain silent, unless the address is incorrect for
>      the network segment to which the client  has  been  attached
>      and the server is authoritative for that network segment, in
>      which case the server will send a  DHCPNAK  even  though  it
>      doesn't know about the address.
> Also see the part that starts with
>      The authoritative statement
> in the same man page for some discussion on whether to have global or
> subnet scope for authoritative.
> regards,
> -glenn
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