using variable

Simon Hobson dhcp at
Tue Mar 21 17:09:28 UTC 2006

Pierre LEONARD wrote:

>nobody can help me ?

Posting this only 4 hours after posting your original message sounds 
very impatient.

>i found how assign a value to a variable : /*set variable = "string"
>*/but now i would like to use this variable in order to assign fixed ip
>but get don't exists apparently because i have an "get: no such
>function" error in syslog after a successful lauching.
>any idea please ??

I'm fairly certain you can't (directly). The ISC DHSP server supports 
only two modes that I know of, dynamic addresses and fixed addresses 
specified with fixed-address statements in host declarations.

However, there have been some convoluted methods suggested that 
effectively create a class per client device and allow each client 
access to a single address range. It's long winded, and I suspect not 
very efficient, but it should work IFF you have a list of possible 
values known in advance.

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