Multiple DHCP One Network

Chinmaya S. Narayana Reddy chinmayareddy at
Thu Mar 23 19:22:53 UTC 2006

On 3/23/06, Simon Hobson <dhcp at> wrote:
> Two more questions :
> 1) Is there any particular reason for splitting your dhcp service like
> this ?

Well I don't have a solid-answer for this, but i have to have this setup
this is a possible scenario in field.

2) What does dhcp2 log when it NACKs a request ? Not just the single
> line, but any related ones just before it.

With the debug level I have (dhcpd -d) it just reads 2 lines, I have lost
the logs,
First line reads: Received DHCP-REQUEST from <MAC> via eth0
Second line reads: Sends DHCP-NACK,

Thats all I see for for that client mac address, would require exact debug
statements ?
Is there way I can enable detail debugs, if need it?

chinmaya swaroop

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