two questions regarding dynamic dns updates

David W. Hankins David_Hankins at
Thu Mar 23 20:51:42 UTC 2006

On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 01:47:22PM -0600, Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	I remember a couple of years or so ago, I had a CNAME or alias
> bound to the name of a host with a dynamic dhcp lease.  If I remember
> right, this caused a problem that disallowed dhcpd from removing that
> A record.  I remember thinking that one couldn't have a CNAME like

Are you using BIND?  Because I can't explain that behaviour from what we
know about either set of sources (unless this is some really ancient DHCP
version I'm not familiar with...I don't know how these sources evolved
over time).

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