need help working around specifying interface name on dhcpd invocation

Gordon A. Lang glang at
Mon Mar 27 07:14:01 UTC 2006

I got dhcpd working with USE_SOCKETS and not ALIAS_NAMES_PERMUTED on Solaris 
10 in a whole-root-zone (not the global zone), but so far I've only been 
able to get it to work if I specify the precise sub-interface name during 

e.g. dhcpd  eri0:3

Is there a way to get dhcpd to not require the interface name under these 

Needing to know the specific sub-interface name is a problem because the 
interface name changes according to the zone boot order on Solaris 10.

If there isn't a work around with the current release of dhcpd, then is 
there a *simple* way (e.g. available script or utility) to return the 
interface name for a given IP address?

Gordon A. Lang 

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