conf size limits and functions / scripts / class possibilities

Karl Bloch Andersen kba at
Fri Mar 31 09:48:19 UTC 2006

I got a couple of questions regarding size of a conf file.
The estimate is 1200 interfaces with at least 50 lines of conf for each.
Due to the Boolean logic and no possibilities to make loops (as far as I
found out), I'm expecting to get a lot of dupe configuration in the
different parts of the configuration. 
The thing is that lots of different interfaces (start of the circuit ID)
with the same ending ID in groups repeating.
Are there anyway to make a functions / scripts / class to reduce the
size of the conf file and hence the load on the server?
If there's no way to use functions / scripts / class what is the
functional limit of conf entries?
Karl Andersen

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