Mike Diggins diggins at McMaster.CA
Mon May 1 14:59:24 UTC 2006

I am considering enabling the 'one-lease-per-client' option in DHCPD for 
my student network. They are mostly dedicated to a single network jack and 
subnet, but laptop users may roam around. I read the warnings from the man 
pages. I assume the concern is that when a client "roams" to another 
subnet, the DHCP server will automatically release his old address, even 
though the client does not. When he returns to his room, he might continue 
using the old IP address which could very well be leased to someone else. 
How much of a concern is this?

Would you recommend this option for a Student Residence with multiple 
subnets? I want to be sure we're not wasting addresses.


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