Server Down - How should Client Act?

Douglas Armstrong doug at
Tue May 2 13:24:55 UTC 2006

Google RFC 3927
IPv4 Link-Local addresses are not suitable for communication with devices
notdirectly connected to the same physical (or logical) link, and are only
used where stable, routable addresses are not available (such as on ad hoc
orisolated networks). This document does not recommend that IPv4 Link-Local
addresses and routable addresses be configured simultaneously on the same
interface. Doug Armstrong[1]

Melody Helt wrote: What is a link local address? From: Douglas Armstrong
<doug at>[2] Reply-To: dhcp-users at[3] To:
dhcp-users at[4] Subject: Re: Server Down - How should Client Act?
Date:Mon, 01 May 2006 13:08:10 -0500 The Linux dhclient
(isc-dhclient-V3.0.2-RedHat) will go to a link local address if no server
responds. Doug Armstrong[1[5]] Ted Lemon wrote: On
Monday01 May 2006 10:36, David W. Hankins wrote: But some clients choose to
adopt link local addresses and give up on DHCP entirely until something jars
it back into operation. I don't know of any correctly-functioning clients
that do this. Most of the ones I know of keep trying, albeit at fairly long
intervals. If a client gives up and never triesagain, it's probably a bug.
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