Problems with Mac OS X Clients

Simon Hobson dhcp at
Mon May 8 22:13:55 UTC 2006

David W. Hankins wrote:

>We have a few OSX boxes here at ISC, and have had no issues.  I suspect
>the difference is that we don't utilize RFC1918 addresses.
>So this is possibly OSX brain damage stemming from the belief that the
>client has not changed networks (it's still on the same subnet).

Just a FYI ...

as a Mac user, I've not had any problems related to using private addressing.

As for detecting network changes, unless you switch something 'the 
other side' of a switch or hub (so the the physical layer never goes 
down), I've found them quite happy to switch configurations. Unplug 
the network cable, they tear down the interface; plug the cable in, 
they go off on a discover-offer-request-ack cycle.

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