how to configure standalone dns server for dhcp

kalyanasundaram S s.kalyanasundaram at
Fri May 12 05:17:12 UTC 2006

hmm, the resolv.conf on server file was pointing to someother = server so i
have changed to
nameserver =

and resolve.conf on client i checked.. There was already = file generated by
it contains 
search =

i removed the host declaration = from /etc/dhcpd.conf, my intension is not
update the fixed = address.
somehow want to see ddns working...
still problem is not = solved... but as usual both are able to ping each

plz help = me to get work with this..

can anybody explain internally how it = works..
like when it receive dhcprequest pocket where it will look if = ddns is
mentionsed where it will go . how it will communicate with named , = what
arechanges will be made on SOA and PTR records... and other = necessary

somebody help me plz..
thanks in = advance.,,
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>>Hi all,
>>i am new to this place.
>>I = getting confuse with all ddns mailing list msgs.
>>= I have a isolated setup with me.
>>One server and one = client.
>>Server is configured with a static ip = address whenever i want to
>>connect to
>internet i plug = in the network cable and use it. While running other
>= services
>for test purpose i plugout the cable..
>>ex = like
>>IP: (
>= >hostname : mydns
>>Client is configured to get = ip address from dhcp.
>>client hostname: = abcd
>>I want to run a DNS server and dhcp on the = server and the client should
>update its name on that = dns..
>>i simply followed the instruction in = dhcpd.conf but still nothing had
>(host, dig says = timed out or could not conect to server)
>= <snip>
>>what should the resolv.conf file = have?
>resolv.conf on the client will be created by the = dhcp client.
>resolv.conf on the server should probably = have:
>nameserver =
>>is my configurations are correct.... how = should i make it work? is my
>records are = correct?
>>in all the times client is getting the = ip address and i am able to ping
>server and viceversa = also.
>>plz somebody help me to get it = work.......
>>thanks in advance.....
>If you use a fixed-address statement to assign a fixed address, = then the
>server does not do dynamic dns updates for = that address. The idea is, if
>address is fixed then = you can manually put itinto DNS and leave it there.
>= override that bahaviour use the update-static-leases statement.
>% man dhcpd.conf
>update-static-leases = flag;
>The update-static-leases flag, if enabled, = causes the DHCP
>server to do DNS updates for clients even = if those clients
>are being assigned their IP address using = a fixed-address
>statement - that is, the client is = being given a static
>assignment. This can only work = with the interim DNS
>update scheme. It is not = recommended because the DHCP
>server has no way to tell that = the update has been done,
>and therefore will not delete = the record when it is not in
>use. Also, the server must = attempt the update each time
>the client renews its = lease, which could have a signifi-
>cant performance impact = in environments that place heavy
>demands on the DHCP = server.
>Also, putting the host statement inside the = subnet has no effect. host
>statements are global in scope, so best = to put them outside any other
>scopes to avoid confusion later. The = host statement will still pick up
>the subnet setting sbecause an = address in that subnet is being
>assigned, not because iot is = defined inside the subnet. eg, something
>like this:
>subnet netmask =7B
>range =;
>default-lease-time 192000;
>host = test =7B
>hardware ethernet 00:02:47:1G:4D:E2;
>= fixed-address;
>Everything else in = your dhcp/dns setup looks good.

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