basic client setup plus name resolving from HW router

Olivier Schreiber olivierschreiber at
Sat May 13 00:02:25 UTC 2006

Hello there,
My question is so generic that I have trouble doing a search for it.

I have a home lan with an SMC7004WBR wireless router.
I installed Debian Linux a few months ago along with dhcp package
and adjusting anything, I got leases for the two machines which
had linux on it: `omnibook' and `kayak'.
I did not spend the effort to try to find out how to address each
machine from each other except by their IP addresses leased out by
dhcp so I do:
to access omnibook from kayak and
to access kayak from omnibook

So now I want to set things up properly without hardcoding the /etc/hosts
files with the IP addresses above to be able to do:
kayak$rlogin omnibook
to access omnibook from kayak and
omnibook$rlogin kayak
to access kayak from omnibook

I am clueless about what additional package --if any-- I need to install
to accomplish that.

I have dhcp3-client and dhcp3-common
I don't think I need dhcpcd because my understanding is that the
hardware router is the dhcp server in my situation.
But do I need autodns-dhcp? or bind9? or resolvconf?

I know my problem is very generic but don't know what to read for that
Thanks in advance!

Olivier Schreiber OSchreiber.ae90 at H323 464 5818

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