basic client setup plus name resolving from HW router

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Sun May 14 18:23:03 UTC 2006

> -----Simon Hobson's message:

[great outline on fixed address method deleted for brevity]

> If you do want to do dhcp & dns with dynamic updates then ...
> Firstly, welcome to the (far too small) group of people who care 
> about running a network properly !
> You need to have dhcp-server and bind installed (you do not need 
> dhcp-client on the machine you use as the server).
> On bind, configure a forward and reverse zone for your network 
> (ie and

Would you mind clarifying the two above addrsses?
I am not sure they are chosen or imposed by reading your explanations
below. The `arpa' string is confusing me.

> <pet moan>
> Do not just 'make up' a domain, or use ".local", or use a domain that 
> someone else is using. Using .local is wrong - it's a reserved domain 
> name for ZeroConf (cf Apple's Rendevous, multicast DNS, ...) and 
> whilst Windows networks work fine with a .local address, Macs will 
> barf and the network doesn't work right.
> If you just 'make up' a domain name, at some point it could be 
> registered by someone else - and then you would be using someone 
> elses domain name.
> Using someone elses domain name is just plain bad manners. Apart from 
> not being able to access anything in their domain, the domain you use 
> internally DOES leak out (eg in mail headers) and it's bad to be 
> using someone elses name.
> Getting your own domain name registered is so cheap and easy these 
> days that there really isn't any excuse if you want to do things 
> properly.
> </pet moan>

Would you mind outlining more a HOWTO approach to your `moan' like
which domain is the forward, which one is the backward--given a
commercial ISP non-fixed IP address and how to get said domain name?
I totally agree with your concern that people do the right thing but
most of the time, they don't because they think it is too complicated.

> Set up the dhcp server, and turn off the server in the router. Check 
> that both dhcp and dns are working fine on their own.
> Now read the section in 'man dhcpd.conf' that describes dynamic dns 
> updates. If you have problems at that stage then come back and we'll 
> try to help.
> Simon

Thanks a lot for your response and Glenn's.
It is very useful considering that what I am trying to do is very
generic: ISP+Router+HomeLan dhcp 
Client setup was automatic but dhcp server and dns are not.
Yet fixed IP addresses go in the other direction of automatic setup.
It does not seem to me that this generic task is in any HOWTO I have
looked at. If it is let me know!
Best regards and thanks a million times again.
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