problem with size of time_t on several 64bit ARCHS/OSes

David W. Hankins David_Hankins at
Mon May 15 21:45:55 UTC 2006

On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 10:44:02PM +0200, Joerg Pulz wrote:
> i noticed the above text in the RELNOTES.

It looks to be a fix to client behaviour that should have sent up red
flags over server behaviour but didn't (the client literally passes
&expiry to gmtime()).

The reason we never noticed in FreeBSD /usr/ports is probably because
the client and sever are never built form the same sources (and the
patch I drew this from was probably in the client's tree).

> If you have a patch, which you want to get tested, i have access to amd64, 
> ia64 and sparc64 machines running FreeBSD.
> Linux on x86_64 and ia64 is also available in my pool, so i can check 
> these too.
> Just send me any patch you have to fix this issue and i will give it a try 
> to make sure that you roll out a functional beta, if you want to release 
> one.

I've created a ticket on dhcp-bugs at on this, the first mail you'll
get from it will likely be about a patch.

I'm not sure atm if there will be a 3.0.5 soon or in a few weeks, but
due to the severity of this, I will likely distribute the patch to
anyone who asks.

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