DNS setup

Sascha Hartmann sharty at web.de
Tue May 16 01:13:42 UTC 2006


I want my DHCP-Clients to obtain the complete network configuration automatically from the DHCP-Server. If I know the IPadresses of the DNS-Servers I may add a line like

option domain-name-servers DNS1, DNS2;

to the dhcpd.conf file and all works fine. But...

I don't know the DNS-Server adresses because they will be obtained automatically by the pppd-daemon on each dial in from my internet service provider. How I have to setup my DHCP-Server to make these obtained DNS-adresses known to the DHCP-Server configuration so they can be obtained by the DHCP-Clients?

Here is my dhcpd.conf

default-lease-time 72000;
max-lease-time 144000;
ddns-update-style ad-hoc;

subnet netmask {
  option broadcast-address;
  option routers;

Regards, Sascha
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