No Failover works, Failover does not work

George C. Kaplan gckaplan at
Wed May 17 18:53:46 UTC 2006

Shlomo Dubrowin wrote:
> I'm am trying to implement a failover solution for dhcp to replace a current
> NT solution which does not support failover.  I have upgraded to the 3.0.4,
> but when the systems are configured for failover, I get no leases, when the
> systems are not configured for failover each server works as expected.  We
> are using cisco routers and the helper-addresses are configured correctly,
> and work without the failover configured.

Offhand, the only problem I see in your config is that you've declared
'mclt' in both the primary and secondary configs.  The 'dhcpd.conf' man
page says you're only supposed to do that on the primary (at least on
3.0.3, which is what we're using.)

I'd expect that you'd see some sort of error message in the logs,
though; its surprising that the servers just sit there and don't issue

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