Multiple DHCP server processes

Arvids arvids at
Thu May 25 10:52:24 UTC 2006

On Thursday 25 May 2006 13:19, Glenn Satchell wrote:
> Is there some reason why you want to run more than one instance?

The reason is that we have large address pools and it takes long time for 
dhcpd to start(now dhcpd starts in about 5 seconds and address pools are 
constantly growing), but each dhcpd configuration change requires to stop/
start the dhcpd process. We have web fronted for dhcpd configuration, which 
are used very actively, so there is a need for dhcpd restart very often. So 
we have to decrease dhcpd process start times. And we could just split the 
address pools between multiple dhcpd processes and restart only one dhcpd 
process at time.
I have looked at OMAPI, but it can not do the dhcpd configuration changes 
which our web frontend do.

Regards, Arvids

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