Requests on Second NIC

Glenn Satchell Glenn.Satchell at
Thu May 25 14:29:37 UTC 2006

This is from th edhcpd man page:

     The names of the network interfaces on  which  dhcpd  should
     listen  for broadcasts may be specified on the command line.

How you enable this is very platform specific, but essentially you want
the process to start with a prameter like this:

  dhcpd eth1

will only listen on eth1. Also see the manual page for dhcpd.conf and
search for 'local-address'.

As an alternative you can use an empty subnet definition for the
network you want to ignore, eg:

  subnet netmask { }


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>Subject: Requests on Second NIC
>From: Rimike Y Liverpool <ryliverp at>
>Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 09:10:24 -0500
>One of my DHCP servers has two NICs connected to two different networks.
>Is there anyway for me to set up the server so that it only sees requests 
>from machines on the one network that it serves?
>Yema Liverpool
>AIX  Support Team-Rochester, MN
>Integrated Technology Delivery, Server Operations 
>Dept LVJG, Bldg 020-3 A224
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