Multiple DHCP server processes

Jim Hribnak hribnak at
Thu May 25 19:02:18 UTC 2006

This is exactly what we do..  we queue up additions to the dhcp.conf file
and then make the changes on the 5 minute mark if there is anything queued
up.  It has worked flawlessly  for the last 7 years or so.  If something
needs to be tweaker (which is rare) and in most causes someone put the
person in the wrong group, and that has to be changed at which point it is a
manual change and a manual restart.,


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> we have considered also such solution, but unfortunately it is not
> - we need that changes take effect immediately (often the scenario is the 
> following - the person who makes onsite customer installations or 
> troubleshootings  calls our operator and asks him to change some
> for this customer which requires dhcpd restart and he can not wait for 
> scheduled intervals).

There are options in between "immediate" and every half hour.

We also have regular changes that require restart.  We queue them,
and a job runs every 5 minutes and only restarts if there's something
in the queue.  The field people have to wait on average a couple
minutes.  This keeps the thrashing way down, since in our setup
there are sometimes dozens of requests within a minute or two,
and other times, none for hours.


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