Preserving lease database after enabling failover feature

Usman Wahid usman.wahid at
Tue May 30 02:04:05 UTC 2006


I have a setup of two DHCP servers running the latest 3.0.4 version.  
Currently a subnet is split into half with each DHCP server  
allocating IP from its own half. It is sort of a primitive load- 

Now I intend to move both servers to DHCP failover mechanism with  
shared and the complete subnet. Everything works during the testing,  
however my goal is to do the migration to failover by preserving  
existing leases. I don't want to delete lease database before  
enabling the failover feature on both servers. Is it possible? If so,  
how it should be done? I have noticed that existing standard leases  
are converted to failover format, however they may not be offered in  
response to a DHCPDISCOVER request. Somehow the server offers a  
different IP, even though the original IP is in the database.


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