Simon Hobson dhcp at
Tue May 30 21:58:24 UTC 2006

Howard Wang wrote:

>I think on the dynamic case( Non working version ), the client does not send
>DHCPREQUEST due to the  DHCPOFFER it got does now totally meet the 
>requirement. in this case, the client is etherboot. (rom 5.16), 
>after I have
>installed the linux, the linux is able to get ip from the same server and
>same config (both dynamic and manual ) using the same ethernet port.
>looked like in the manual config case, the mac address of the client has
>been sent to etherboot while in the dynamic case, it's not.
>my question is then:
> it true ?

Use a packet sniffer and inspect the contents of the packets. You 
will be able to tell both the option list requested by the client, 
and the options actually supplied.

>2. if it is true, then how do I config the dhcpd server to send MAC
>address of the client in the  DHCPOFFER in the dynamic config case ?

I can't remember if this is an option or somewhere else in the packet 
(it's late here and my DHCP Handbook is at the office). If it's an 
option that the client isn't requesting (broken client*, if it needs 
something then it should ask for it !) then you can override the 
option list (something like dhcp-option-list ? Check 'man 
dhcpd.conf'), if you want to add soemthing to the list then you can 
use something like concat to add additional items to the list sent by 
the client (I think).


Not the first, and I doubt the last - I used to have a Minolta Copier 
that didn't ask for the subnet mask ! It was only a couple of years 
after I gave up and manually configured it that I found they'd 
hardcoded a requirement for a minimum 2year (yes TWO YEAR) lease or 
it wouldn't accept it.

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