Multiple leases

Eustace, Glen G.Eustace at
Tue May 30 22:15:13 UTC 2006

> The PXE/Windows one is a known issue, and I suspect the Macs 
> are the same.
> How are the Macs booted ?

Netboot, similar to PXE

> There is/was a patch floating around to modify the server behaviour - 
> and at one time talk of a config option. I don't know what the 
> current situation is with that.

My reading of the description of 'deny duplicates' suggested that this
option was intended to fix this particular problem. But it either
doesn't or is broken.
I have a log entry 'uid lease 130.123.x.y for client 00:03:69:05:d8 is
duplicate on 130.123.a.b/23' but the client is immediately offered a
different lease.

Anyone know what needs to be patched ?


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