"peer holds all free leases" message

Kirsten Petersen kirsten.petersen at oregonstate.edu
Sun Oct 1 16:55:05 UTC 2006

We recently ran into the "peer holds all free leases problem" again, this 
time running 3.0.3.  It hadn't happened for a long time, until just this 
last week when the students came back and the problem cropped up on our 
large, very busy wireless network pool.

There were a very large number of leases in the expired state.  I decided 
to upgrade to 3.0.4, hoping that problem (and maybe the other) would be 

Since the upgrade about 8 hours ago, I am again seeing "peer holds all 
free leases" errors from both servers, this time in several different 
pools, and the number of expired leases is still very high.  Will it just 
take a while for things to sort themselves out, or do I need to poke 

I did down the secondary and nuke its leases file, to get it to 
resynchronize with the primary (they were pretty far out of sync before 
the upgrade).  Here's what the two servers have now:

active: 2572
backup: 5835
free: 4543
expired: 2591
released: 3

active: 2577
backup: 5834
free: 4517
expired: 2586
released: 4

Kirsten Petersen
Network Services * Oregon State University
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On Mon, 19 Dec 2005, David W. Hankins wrote:

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> On Sun, Dec 18, 2005 at 05:30:51PM -0800, Kirsten Petersen wrote:
>> Okay, we are running 3.0.3 now.  The current counts per the leases file
>> are below.  There are some discrepancies - is that okay?
> Much better, anyway.
> The main point is that they both agree on the number of BACKUP leases.
> You are very unlikely to encounter an actual operational problem (or at
> least, not a very serious one).
> Those expired/released leases are still a problem.  Leases should not
> languish in these states.  3.0.4 contains that fix.
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