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Fri Oct 6 13:21:46 UTC 2006

Hi Lars,

They don't share the pool if they are both up and running. Actually you can also put the split statement to 0 or 1 I think, and all the address will be on one server until it goes down.

Note that if you do that, put all IPs on one server, your clients must be able to reach any of the servers if one goes down.

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>>> lj at sydfynsel.dk 2006-10-06 06:05:18 >>>
Planning to run a failover setup and reading the man pages I saw there
need to be a "split statement" defining witch server responds to the

But does this also mean that the servers "share" the pool between them
and keeps each other informed/in sync about witch leases they have
handed out?

This I because I plan to have a pools down to just 1 IP address and thus
if the secondary has handed out the lease how does it show on the

Links to state transition diagrams and descriptions on failover setups
are appreciated to clear my understanding. 


Lars Jacobsen

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