Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sat Oct 7 19:17:48 UTC 2006

Erestor Elensar wrote:

>I'm a newbee, and we are switching from Windows to Linux. We have several
>The range is x.x.x.1 - x.x.x.100 and the reservations x.x.x.20 - x.x.x.30.
>Must i create create now two ranges without the reservations or one large
>and create the reservations.
>It no so clear for me.

The hard part is unlearning the workarounds for the 'interesting' 
limitations of the MS server. With the ISC server you simply say what 
you want, in your case :

range x.x.x.1 x.x.x.19 ;
range x.x.x.31 x.x.x.100 ;

If you need to change  it, you change it - none of this "once it's 
created you can't alter it" rubbish.


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