Failover question

Eric Helm helmwork at
Wed Oct 11 13:39:12 UTC 2006

Simon Hobson wrote:
> Eric Helm wrote:
>> I have a similar scenario, where  have a hundreds of pools with only 1
>> IP address in the range. This is used to assign a static IP based on
>> option 82 information for FTTP ONT units.
>> So far it seems to work fine in a failover configuration.
>> What other ways could be used in this situation?
> What about just configuring the same settings on two servers NOT in failover ?
> The effect would be similar to using host statements with fixed 
> addresses - either server can respond (with the same address) and so 
> it doesn't matter that they are not in failover.
> This wouldn't work with any client who is allowed more than one 
> address - for that you would still need to use failover.
> Simon

Is it a problem to run some pools with failover and some without?
Mostly this would not occur in the same subnet declaration, but it could.


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