SV: SV: Failover question

Lars Jacobsen lars-jacobsen at
Wed Oct 11 19:51:33 UTC 2006

> What you just described, configuring overlapping dynamic one-lease
> ranges on two servers, won't work exactly, you'll get the same
> problems.
OK,  but is there really a problem when you don't have failover configured
on these specific one lease pools ? Thought that it might work.
> You really need to use host records with fixed-address statements
> rather than dynamic pools for this to work, and that means identifying
> the clients rather than the relays.
As an ISP its hard to make this selection based on what client/PC the
costumer hooks on to his dedicated port on our network. Because the product
we sell is he always get the same IP no matter what client/PC he connects.
The CID/RID on the other hand is fully under our control. That's why we try
so hard making the "semistatic"* leases CID/RID based.


*semistatic is my homemade definition on static IP assigned by DHCP not
hardwarebased, compared to static where it is configured manually or
hardware based.

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