SV: Failover question

Lars Jacobsen lj at
Thu Oct 12 09:50:12 UTC 2006

> Some folks have made mods to dhcpd so clients are identified by the
> relay agent option of their choice istead of the actual client
> identity, then use normal dynamic ranges.
Well isn´t it the idea of using CID/RID ? 
That you as "owner" of the relay agent can decide what CID/RID is going to be relayed and make your decisions based on that.
Or are we dealing with more sophisticated setups where the relay agent changes the Client ID(or MAC) ?
Samples or ideas of what and why these folks made of mods is appreciated.

In my setup a costumer will always have the same unique CID that I have decided, no matter what client they connect.

Well this is getting a long thread now and the only problem we realy have is a safe "static-lesase" failover solution, and that's not supported yet by ISC DHCPd.


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