SV: howto configure DHCP to reject renewal of lease

Lars Jacobsen lj at
Thu Oct 12 10:00:53 UTC 2006

> So, let's say: client1 is given IP1 for 1 day, after 0.5 days client1 will
> ask dhcpd to renew its lease - i want the dhcpd to tell him DHCPNAK -
> you're
> not allowed to renew your lease. This would force client1 to send a
> DHCPDISCOVER message again and ask for a new IP
> Is this functionality available in v3.0.4 of the ISC dhcpd?

Well you can always shut down the pool and then eventually having clients renew from another pool.
This is nasty but a possible solution of changing client IP. But as a continues "service" ......... nope

Btw going to use this solution my self for clients that have to change from private to public IP´s.


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