Failover strangeness

Greg G ggersh at
Mon Oct 16 13:23:58 UTC 2006

Glenn Satchell wrote:
>>   The secondary dhcp server is down, but the running server is still 
>> showing as being in communications-interrupted.  It never gets to 
>> partner-down.
> Ahh, didn't realise the second server was down. partner-down mode must
> be set manually. There is one method described in the dhcpd.conf man
> page, by editting the leases file.
> It can also be done using omshell. This is from a posting to the list
> in June this year.
> Here's the interactive version.
   Thanks.  It would be extremely helpful if this information was in the 
man page or a doc somewhere.

>> set name = "<failovername>"   - the quotes are required here!
   *Especially* this bit of information.

>> set local-state = 00:00:00:01
   And this.  Although I probably would have guess at the format from 
the info dump, it's not intuitive that this isn't just a number.

   I guess the frustrating part of this is that I have to take this 
manual action for the failover to work correctly.  That's problematic.

-Greg G

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