Failover strangeness

Greg G ggersh at
Tue Oct 17 19:24:07 UTC 2006

David W. Hankins wrote:
> It is impossible to distinguish between communications-interrupted and
> partner-down.  I mean that figuratively.
> The simple loss of network comms with a failover server is not
> sufficient evidence that it is not actively handing out leases.
> This knowledge comes only, with complete certainty, from understanding
> that a server has entered SHUTDOWN state, or from an operator who can
> physically confirm it.
> In some environments, operators have found that it is more or less
> a good indicator - where failover pairs are directly connected via
> crossover ethernet cables, or where networks are reasonably static,
> or even where the potential for harm, having two servers operating
> in partner-down, is less than the potential harm of losing dhcp
> service.
> But this has to be a "I know this works, I choose to automate entry
> to partner-down" conscious decision.
   I hadn't considered that.  I'll try to formulate a plan over here to 
make this work for us.

-Greg G

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