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Keith Neufeld keith.neufeld at
Tue Oct 17 18:44:52 UTC 2006

>                 pool {
>                         ...
>                         range ;
>                         range ;
>                         ...
>                         option routers;
>                         option domain-name-servers;
>                         ...
>                  }
> If I put reservations like this:
> host {
>         fixed-address;
>         hardware ethernet 00:0f:1f:c8:91:73;
> }
> I'm finding that sometimes -- particularly for HP printers, they  
> come up
> without a default gateway, dns server, etc.

With the fixed-address, the host isn't getting a lease out of the  
_pool_, because it's not dynamically allocated from the pool's range  
statements.  If the options you list should be offered to every host  
that boots in the subnet, move them out of the pool into the  
enclosing subnet and everything should be cool.

If you truly need different options for different pools within the  
subnet (which can be the case for more complex configurations),  
either put default options in the subnet (which the fixed-address  
hosts will get) and override them in the pools, or leave the subnet  
optionless and resign yourself to having to configure the options in  
each fixed-address host declaration.

Keith Neufeld
Lead Network Engineer
Wichita State University

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