DNS Update failing on AAAA

Eustace, Glen G.Eustace at massey.ac.nz
Wed Oct 18 21:47:08 UTC 2006

> If the name is dynamically managed, it gets a DHCID.  If it's
> statically managed, and dynamic software needs to be 'HANDS OFF',
> then there is no DHCID, and there can be any other record.
> Whether it's an A or AAAA or DNAME or SRV or LOC or MX doesn't
> enter into it.

Ahhh. Light comes on :-)

This makes it a little awkward when we have resources that dhcpd does
not manage and we are having to insert manually.

> If there's a bug here, it's that the prerequisite to remove the
> DHCID on lease expiry only looks for IN.A.  In truth, it should
> look for IN.ANY, and only remove the DHCID once no records exist.

Agreed. The issue being whether the name is being 'managed' by dhcpd as
opposed to whether there is an active IPv4 lease.

> I'm waiting until we can adopt the RFC-defined DHCID (which does
> not look like our TXT record anymore) to reimplement the update
> policy, and add hooks to add others.

Any idea of when this might occur ?

Anybody got a utility for quickly generating and inserting DHCID records
in the meantime ?


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