Know problems in combination with windows DNS

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu Oct 19 14:44:27 UTC 2006

Erestor Elensar wrote:

>  >> but i heard that there are
>  >> some problems in combination with the Microsoft DNS server.
>  >> Is anyone here on the list aware of this kind of problems.

>  > Some problems doing what with who now?

>Thats what our manufactur say to my boss without any details, perhaps
>it was about the dynamic updates but i was already aware of this.

Ah the old "unspecified incompatibility told to non technical 
management" sales technique !

>  > The only DNS related Windows thing I can think of is the obvious...
>>  ISC DHCP doesn't support GSS-TSIG.  But this is easily worked around
>>  by delegating a zone for dynamic updates to your Linux box, and doing
>>  the updates locally, then slaving this updates-zone to your Windows
>  > DNS servers.

>where can i find more info on this subject because i was searching a
>solution for this, because i must setup this in the future.

Try google for "bind delegate active directory to windows dns"

In essense, delegate a number of domains to the Windows server :


Bind can still handle DNSDomainName, Windows handles the _<something> 

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