dhclient on linux ppc

Anselmo Lacerda Silveira de Melo anselmo.melo at asga.com.br
Thu Oct 19 13:37:51 UTC 2006


I'm writing to this list after some search on the Internet with no

I'm trying to use dhclient on linux ppc. I compiled it using ELDK and
the binary seems to be ok. The problem is: when I run dhclient (manually
or during the boot process) the following message appears:

Can't get interface flags for : No such device

I'm running isc-dhclient-V3.0.5rc3 and my network interface is eth0. The
Linux kernel is 2.4.24-pre2

I thought the problem could be a network issue, but it seems to not be
able to find the network interface. 

Can anybody help me, please?

Thanks in advance


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