shared-network question

Eric Helm helmwork at
Mon Oct 23 15:08:38 UTC 2006

Glenn Satchell wrote:

> Almost. You need a way to determine which devices will belong on each
> network.
> When the device boots initially it sends a DHCPDISCOVER to the all-ones
> broadcast address ( So there is no way to tell from
> this which network the device belongs to. You can use class statements
> with an allow and deny in the respective ranges or you could use host
> statements to create static assignments. Yo may be able to use a class
> assignmernt based on the first few octets of the mac address if you
> know what type of hardware is in use.
> Make sure that each server is authoritative for its subnet and not
> authoritative for the other subnet otherwise it will NAK the requests.
> You could easily combiune this onto one dhcp server. Create the two
> subnet definitions on the one box. Any subnet specific things like dns
> servers, etc, can be defined in the subnet scope.

Its not desirable to have this on one DHCP server at this point. I was
thinking, that since there will be a giaddr in the DHCPDISCOVER I could
use the shared-network statement with both subnets I need, however leave
out the appropriate range on each DHCP server. What do you think?


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