weird: default router not assigned, lease not written, single host

Bruce Hudson Bruce.Hudson at Dal.Ca
Thu Oct 26 12:23:13 UTC 2006

> I have a strange problem with a single host on a single subnet, to which
> the DHCP server assigns an IP addres but not the default router option.
> I have verified by sniffing that the host does does request the default
> router option in DHCPDISCOVER and DHCPREQUEST - see trace below
> In addition, the address assignation is written to the logfile, but the
> lease stanza is NOT written do dhcpd.leases, and it does NOT exist even
> according to omapish.
> the problem il limited to one mac-address on one subnet:
> * the host is dual-boot, same problem with windows and linux
> * assigning the same mac address to another host on the same subnet
> leads to the same behaviour.
> * assigning the same mac address to another host on another subnet leads
> to normal behaviour (i.e., default router assigned and lease written).

    You do not provide a copy of your DHCP configuration so I am making
a guess here but the symptoms you describe would be explained if (1) there
is a fixed-ip host stanza in the config for the MAC address in question
and (2) you specify the routers in the pool configuration. Fixed IP hosts
are not leases so they are not recorded. Even if the address in question 
is listed in a pool, it is not taken from the pool so any paramters in
the pool stanza are ignored.
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