OMAPI lookup by IP fails for static host entries

Matt Brown matt at
Tue Oct 31 21:46:37 UTC 2006

Hi Glen,
Thanks for your time.

Glenn Satchell wrote:

> This is by design. When an IP address is handed out based on a host
> entry the server does not store any knowledge of it, either in-memory
> or in the leases file. When you search for it using omapi there is
> nothing stored to match against.

Ok, I can understand this.

> In this case you either need to use dynamic leases for all hosts, or
> have a script that can parse your dhcpd.conf looking at the ost
> entries.

Why can OMAPI not just lookup the host entry by IP address? The code
seems to be in the server, I can lookup by MAC address, so why not by IP?

> In 3.1.0 (currently a1) you can use a reserved lease rather than a host
> entry and this will create a lease file entry so I imagine you could
> then search for it. I've been running this release in test and it seems
> to work ok for me. YMMV if you want to put it in production...

I can consider this as a last resort, but my preference would definitely
be to figure out what I'm doing wrong with OMAPI and/or fix the bug that
prevents searching for a host entry via IP.


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